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Levitra or Vardenafil is a medicine of the class called phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor. It is mainly applied for treating erectile dysfunction in men. With the help of it patients can achieve penile erection sufficient enough to have sexual activity. It does not influence sexual desire, it may work only with sexual stimulation.

Do not let anyone except you use your medicine even if they suffer similar symptoms to yours as it may cause harm. This medicament should be prescribe only by a doctor. To order Levitra in online stores you needn’t waist much time that is very convenient.

How to take Levitra

Levitra produced in tablets and is meant to be taken by mouth. These tablets dissolve quickly so you needn’t have water or any other liquids with them. Take the pills an hour before sexual activity. The recommended dose may differ from 5mg,10mg to 20mg, depending on the state of your organism. As a rule patients are not recommended to take it more often than once in 24 hours, but it should be decided individually with your doctor who is in the charge of the case. In some situations the doctor may tell you to take it even less often. Follow exactly the directions on the product label, if you wish to clear any other moments on the usage of the drug consult your doctor to get detailed information. To have the drug always at hand buy online Levitra, you can get it via Internet as when you purchase Levitra, no prescription is needed. Buy Levitra so that to refill it timely. Another advantage is that Levitra online is available any time and you can get it when you need it.


Usual symptoms of overdose are visual problems (blurred vision, decreased vision), sensation of discomfort in different parts of the body, turn to your doctor right away or call the emergency. If you experience any strange sensation go to see your doctor.


This medicament may contain other inactive ingredients that may cause an allergy so discuss this with your doctor and have special tests to check if you are prone to allergy from the drug or any component of it. Let your doctor know whether you are using at the moment any other herbal products or pharmacies. Levitra may have some interaction with alcohol so try to avoid having drinks, containing it, in large amounts. Let your doctor know your medical history so he could set a proper treatment course for you.

Side effects

In most cases Vardenafil is tolerated easily or well and doesn’t cause any serious side effects, and if any take place they are as a rule transient. Most frequently such symptoms may develop as: headache, dizziness, nasal congestion, flushing (hyperemia of the person), nausea, diarrhea phenomenon. Less frequent adverse effects may develop such as hypotension, hypertension, photosensitivity of skin, watery eyes, back pain, priapism, myalgia.

How to store the drug

Store Levitra in the special container which you bought it in. Do not leave the container open. Keep the drug in a dark place away from extensive heat or moisture. Do not allow you children to take the pills and put the drug in the place where the children are not able to get. Do not leave it in the bathroom.

Other information

Levitra due to correct usage may show good positive results in treatment male sexual dysfunction. Although the patient should follow all the recommended directions and advice of the doctor. Don’t forget to have a generally healthy way of life, have enough sleep, avoid nervous situations, have nutritional well-balanced diet, including necessary minerals and vitamins. Avoid taking strong drinks and those with high in caffeine. Visit your polyclinic regularly to test your progress in the treatment.

Different countries producing the drug guarantee you the high quality and reliability of the ready product. So when you buy Lavitra made in Australia it won’t have much difference from the pills produced in other Western countries. If you are having a journey and need to get the drug you are able to buy Levitra in UK in any pharmacy or buy Levitra online in UK as well as buy Levitra online in Australia or buy Levitra online pruduced in Canada.

So there is no difficulty in getting the medicine. Though you can easily buy Vardenafil in ordinary chemist’s stores, the quickest way is to buy Vardenafil online, that allow you not to break away from your daily routine. Simply confirm that you purchase Levitra and wait when the pills will be fetched directly to your home. Do want to get the medicine of another manufacturer buy Vardenafil made in Australia or buy Vardenafil online from Canada. Be attentive to your health and with the aid of the medicine you can restore a perfect state of the organism.

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